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Chris and Carol Green

Certified Master Life Coaches

Creators of the CARE-Ready Life Coaching® model

When most think of life coaching they think of the rich and affluent. But EVERYONE has a Life and deserves to live it to the fullest. Everyone deserves CARE.


That's why we're bringing it to you, regular people trying to live their lives and make the most of what they have; the ones who want everything life has to offer; the ones not afraid to challenge old mindsets and unproductive ways of thinking, and adopt something new; the ones who want to carry that new mindset into every area of their life, affecting and empowering themselves and everyone around them. If that's you, then we'd love to meet you!


"They worked with us through tools and material that gave us insight into what we were dealing with in our relationship. We are grateful for their wisdom, counsel, and compassion towards us during the most challenging time in our marriage. We are healing and moving forward."

It's all done with CARE

With CARE, your coaches will listen and help guide you as you rediscover and find your way. 

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