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CERTIFICATION IS NOW ON-DEMAND! But you will still have the 1 on 1 experience.  CLICK HERE to begin or continue reading below to learn more.

Freedom to Empower

Get the tools to empower others to own their journey and reach their highest potential

Receive Hands-On Training

Develop Your Unique Program

Be Ready to Empower the Next Day

Cheering Crowd
Learn more about Certification

Break Out of the Box

You already love helping others. You want to do more but are not sure how.

Or you are frustrated watching those you try to help go back into destructive cycles.


You wonder if there's a better way.

No more wearing yourself out trying to be everything to everybody. You don't even have to have all the right answers someone needs to live their best life.

You just have to listen.

You just have to add CARE (Compassionate Accountability with Respect and Empathy).

By adding the right tools to understand, relate, and empower others, you will:

Know for sure that the positive impact you're making lasts

Witness real change and results in the lives you help

Help break cycles of dependency and habits that prohibit one's life's purpose

Empower others the way you dreamt you could.

Become a certified CARE-Ready® Life Coach.


"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you CARE."

by President Theodore Roosevelt,
a favorite quote of 
Drs. Chris and Carol Green, creators of the
CARE-Ready® Life Coach Certification Program

In this virtual program, you will learn how to :

  • Walkout life with others and be a part of their process, not the answer to it

  • Listen, build trust, ask questions, and THEN respond

  • Help someone discover the answers for themselves while knowing that they are not alone


 Warning: You will go deep in this program. But trust us - it will so be worth it!!! Don't just take our word on it. Hear from our alums.

All On Demand and Interactive!!!

In this virtual on-demand life coach certification program, you will:

Receive teaching by the program creators themselves. 

Click here for system requirements.

Click here to see the program's course outline.

And, you will get coursework along the way to ensure you grasp everything you need to succeed.

Meet one-on-one with your course instructors to discuss principles taught, share thoughts, experiences, and discoveries, and ask questions throughout the program

The ability to complete the program at your own pace *

* Once registered, you have 12 months to complete the program and graduate. If not completed in the 12-month period, you will be required to re-register. 

Your own unique coaching manual created by you for those you’re passionate about. We provide the framework; you make it your own!​

Materials and tools to immediately use on day 1 after graduation. No waiting necessary!

And, of course, your official CARE-Ready® Life Coach Certification*

*Completion of class sessions, coursework, and final projects is required for certification

All this and more for:




You will strengthen your credibility by receiving certification through a program backed with support

Created and developed by Dr. Chris and Carol Green, the CARE-Ready® Life Coach Certification program is a collaborative initiative amongst the Step Forward Life Institute, United Graduate College and Seminary InternationaliChange Nations, Fruitful Life Ministries, and C and C Connections.






Step Forward Life Institute - curriculum provider & program administrator


United Graduate College and Seminary International - accreditation organization


iChange Nations  - provides international recognition, endorsements, and support


C and C Connections - program facilitator and venue

Now, before you go any further...

If you're in this for money or prestige, this program isn't for you. However if you want to make others' lives better, help them reach their highest potential, and know more of who they are, then you're in the right place!

Certification Services

Your Path to Freedom


Register for the program by clicking here and follow the instructions.


Complete your journey together with us and get empowered with CARE


Apply what you've learned and watch yourself freely & effectively empower others

Interested in your whole team or group becoming CARE-Ready® Life Coaches?

Hear from some CARE-Ready Life Coach alums.

I wear a lot of hats - I'm a certified peer specialist and instructor, a mentor, and a suicide prevention gatekeeper. I'm an assistant counselor training to be a counselor, I work in the schools as a prevention intervention specialist, and I hold groups at the county jail. But it's the hat of CARE Ready Life Coach that ties all the others together for me. Being a life coach is not about giving others the answers but helping and allowing them to find it for themselves. It's about listening. I didn't know or have that before.

Ron P., Assistant Counselor

New to working with others, particularly those in need? *

Not looking for official certification but still want to learn the principles of CARE?

Become a CARE-Ready® Responder!

* Completing the CARE-Ready® Responder Training, Level 1 of the Listen, Lift, Launch initiative, is required if new to working with others before completing CARE-Ready Life Certification program (Level 2)


We'd love to hear from you!

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