Our Mission

Many have lost themselves or their dream; or they have a dream, a passion to help people, and want to do so to the fullest.

They want to make a difference that lasts, one that matters.


At C and C Connections, we are dream guides. With CARE-Readiness through life coaching, life coach certification, and responder training, we guide people in fully realizing their dreams by helping them:


(a) rediscover who they are and what they really want in life

(b) make real connections that count, and

(c) fully fulfill their dream to help people without hurting them or themselves.


That way, they are empowered, ready, and more effective in everything they do.

Our Heart

We don't seek the masses. We seek those who've felt forgotten by life, those who have forgotten who they are, those searching for their place of significance, and those who want to dream again and make that dream a reality. We seek the misses, the ones who need CARE the most. We, like you, have all found ourselves a miss at some point in our lives.

We want to see people's hearts and lives changed and help others make positive impacts in their lives. We want to empower people to be the change they want to see and to be the kind and caring light this world so desperately needs.

CARE Readiness : The Origin Story