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Why CARE-Ready® Responder Training?

"When we got into the marketplace and the community, we came across many people who wanted to help people. However, they weren't taught how to walk out process with others. Or they got into helping people to help themselves. And unfortunately, they would end up hurting the very ones they were trying to help. We didn't want to do that and knew we wanted to change this - with CARE. This program focuses on you being strong and healthy so you can effectively connect to those around you."

Chris and Carol Green, Certified Master Life Coaches, Creators of the CARE-Ready® model and the CARE-Ready® Responder Training 

Enhance Your Knowledge

CARE-Ready® Responder Training works in conjunction with everything else you've learned - whether through formal training or education, time, or wisdom gained from life experiences. It doesn’t take anything away from it. It just makes it and you that much better.

Apply Anywhere

No matter how you choose to serve others or where your passion takes you, being a CARE-Ready® Responder can help you connect with anyone, at any place, at any time. 

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