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What makes the CARE-Ready® Life Coach Certification Program special?



This program focuses on YOU the coach, you being strong and healthy, and having the right way of thinking when helping and empowering others. When you're healthy, those you help can be.


Many programs focus on weaknesses, problems, and deficits in the clients and "fixing" them. This program focuses on strengths: yours and your client's. You will learn to see your client with the right eyes to better empower them to be who they really are - Great!

Ministry Accreditation,
Universal Application

Ministry here doesn’t mean church, but service. This is a SERVICE certification. This program does not come from the view of religion. It does have a foundation that comes from the Bible and the Golden Rule.


The tools gained in this program transcend religion, background, race, sexuality, opinion, etc. It addresses the heart of a person focusing exclusively on the way they think.

Works with Everything

Whether you just want to better serve where you are, advance your career, or looking to launch a life coaching business, a CARE-Ready® Life Coach certification will help you be ready and effective and go further than you've ever thought possible.


The principles of CARE work in conjunction with everything else you’ve learned - your formal training and education, life experiences, and wisdom gained  - only making it that much better.

An Investment into Your Future

Yes, there are free programs out there. And shorter! You are welcome to try them. But for quality tools that work and a difference that lasts, you have come to the right place. This investment into your future will reap you returns for years to come. Guaranteed.

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