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Make Life Meaningful Make a Difference that Lives On

Gain tools to fully achieve your dream of true purpose and helping others and excel

Virtual Life Coaching, Life Coach Certification, & Responder Training
Apply What You've Learned
See Your Dream Fully Realized
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Your dream is meant to be fully realized

You have a dream...


a dream to live life with purpose, your true purpose,


a dream to truly help people and make a difference that lasts,


a dream of really connecting with those you serve and seeing them thrive, not just survive.

Where do you begin?

Maybe you lost your dream, your purpose in life.


Or it needs to be revitalized.

Add the right tools and you can find, reclaim, and fully realize your dream.

Without them, your dream will remain lost, short-lived, or unfulfilled. And the impact you dream of making in the lives of others will be limited.

Don't give up on fully realizing your dream. Instead, get empowered.


With CARE-Readiness 

CARE-Readiness is the key

CARE-Readiness allows you to see the world with new eyes. It lets you see YOU.

With CARE-Readiness, you can unlock what's already inside you, that once thought lost. You can dream again.

And you can give that key to someone else to do the same.

Let your dream live again and confidently live out your dream, your life's purpose to the fullest.


Your Way to Dreams Fully Realized


Choose your path below and click "Start Now".


Complete your journey and get empowered with CARE -Readiness


Apply what you've learned and thrive.


CARE-Ready Life Coaching

Rediscover yourself & your dreams to reach your true potential

CARE-Ready Responder Training

Make true connections that will yield lasting results

CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification

Empower others to own their journey and reach their true potential

In your CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification journey you will receive :

- 15 hours of hands-on instruction

- complete assignments along the way

- complete final projects including an exam - and create your own unique life coaching manual!

The enrollment fee is  $399..

Classes are available virtually on demand.

Visit the Life Coach Certification section to learn more.

In your CARE-Ready Life Coaching journey you will:

- have virtual sessions with your life coaches

- complete assignments

- comprise goals and a life plan of what you really want

Sessions start at $75 per hour

Choose between "Personal Life Coaching" and "Family Life Coaching"

Visit the Life Coaching section to learn more.

Your virtual CARE-Ready Responder Training journey includes 4 parts :

Our Priority is People

Understanding the World Beyond Your Own

Five Keys to Connecting with People​​

Profile of a Healthy Responder​​​

You can train as an individual ("Just Me!") or as a group (must include 5 attendants or more).

The cost for individuals is  $50.

The cost for groups and organizations start at $250. Final price is determined by number of attendants and cirriculm add-ons. See Perfect for Teams for more info.

All training is done virtually. For individuals, training is on-demand. For groups or organizations, training at the times and dates that work best for you.

Visit the Responder Training section to learn more.


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