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 So what is CARE-Readiness ™ ?


Accountability with

Respect and







The CARE-Ready model, or CARE -Readiness, is a learned way of thinking, a process, and tools that allows you to :


1. listen, understand, and know yourself

2. listen, understand, and relate better with others, and

3. better empower yourself and others more effectively personally and professionally

and be empowered with CARE to live and serve others more effectively.

 Complete your journey and you will be CARE-Ready™.  

 Apply CARE-Readiness™ to life and helping others and make the kind of difference you always dreamt you could. 

 The Great Thing about CARE-Readiness ™ 

Adds to Everything

CARE-Readiness enhances. Add to your education, training, and experiences and become more effective in life and in serving others as it makes you and what you do better.

Applies Anywhere

CARE-Readiness can apply anywhere it's used. Whether personally or professionally, whether you're living life or serving others, CARE-Readiness works there too.

Impacts Everyone

CARE-Readiness breaks barriers and positively impacts every area of life. Use it and make the difference you always dreamt you could in your life and in those you serve.

CARE -Readiness: The Origin Story

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