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Connect with Others in a Real Way

Get tools to confidently venture into the world of others and serve them more effectively
See others with fresh eyes
Relate with ease
Make Lasting Connections
Comforting Hands
Learn more about Training
Making Real Connections Is Possible

Your heart: people. You want to make a difference.


However, to do so, you have to connect, really connect. And making that sort of connection with others can feel impossible, especially when they are outside your realm of experience.


Or if you are drained.

Don't give up on your heart for people. And, don't settle for subpar connections.

Make real connections that count.

And it is easier than you may think. With the right tools, you can :

Connect with anyone, no matter who they are.

Build Stronger Bonds

Serve without burnout

Not unintentionally further hurt those you're trying to help...or yourself

 All it takes is CARE.​ (Civility, Awareness, Respect, and Empathy). 

And it starts with you.


Become a CARE-Ready® Responder 

What is CARE-Ready® Responder Training?

Brought to you in collaboration with the Step Forward Life Institute this training will help you:

  •  go deep into the way you think of yourself and the world around you.

  • learn how to respond, not react, and when to respond

  • learn how to easily relate with others, no matter their background, opinion, belief, or conviction, whether you know them or not

  • learn to see others' hearts beyond their pain

  • learn how to build and maintain healthy boundaries to serve well again and again

It includes 2 levels

Level 1: Orientation​​

Our Priority is People

Understanding the World Beyond Your Own


​Level 2: Certificate of Completion

Five Keys to Connecting with People​​

Profile of a Healthy Responder​​​


Train on Your Schedule

This training is done virtually at the time of your choosing

  • For Individuals - on-demand at your own pace

  • For groups or teams - choose the dates and times that work best for your organization, service agency, church, ministry, or non-profit. 

CARE-Ready® Responder Training is perfect for groups and organizations. See Perfect for Teams to find out why.

Become a CARE-Ready® Responder and make real connections that count.

Your Path to Real Connections


Choose your path below, click "Start Now", and follow the steps given


Complete your journey together with us and get empowered with CARE


Apply what you've learned and watch yourself and those you help thrive.

Training Services

Training for Who?

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Just Me!

Virtual Training

Begin making real connections in every part of your life


CARE Ready Responder Group Training

My Group or Organization

Virtual Training

Empower your team to serve well and make lasting connections that count

Starts at $250*

* Must include 5 attendants or more. The final price is determined by the number of attendants and curriculum add-ons. See Perfect for Teams for more info

5 Keys to Navigating the Tough  Conversations

You don't have to stumble through your next tough, uncomfortable conversation.  You can have it with confidence! Sign up to download the PDF and find out how.


Become a CARE-Ready®  Life Coach!

Ready for the next level?  

* Completing the CARE-Ready Responder Course, Level 1 of the Listen, Lift, Launch initiative, is required if new to working with others before completing CARE Ready Life Certification program (Level 2)


We'd love to hear from you!

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