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Their Words

“It was a blessing that changed my life forever.”


"Great experience with two of the best instructors I've encountered in any training. Very informative and on point; and an example of patience and persistence was definitely observed throughout the training! God bless and Thank You."


“You guys are awesome! I feel so blessed. I’m really grateful for you, Chris and Carol for teaching us and really involving yourselves while we went through this class."


“This has been an amazing experience.”

"I want to thank Chris and Carol for an amazing class, like no other, it was top notch. You taught us so much and were hands on with everything. I’m forever grateful to you guys.” "Chris and Carol Green lead by example. They showed the evidence of what they teach by being authentic, interactive, timely and creative throughout the entire process." "The Care-Readiness Class is life changing and I highly recommend it to anyone ready to prioritize goals and establish an action plan for their life."   The course surpassed "just learning skills." It allowed for a space that forced me to be the client and work through areas that would impede me from helping others. The spiritual component incorporated showed me that I don't have to put my faith aside to help other. What I gained from the course was hope, knowledge, comfort, and MY CERTIFICATION!!!! I enjoyed the program immensely and it was much needed in my journey. My healing journey that is. I learned so much about myself. My strengths and weaknesses. I learned how to address things in a much better way as a result of this training. I can now take what I learned and help others.

Their Testimonies

Their Stories

I wear a lot of hats - I'm a certified peer specialist and instructor, a mentor, and a suicide prevention gatekeeper. I'm an assistant counselor training to be a counselor, I work in schools as a prevention intervention specialist, and I hold groups at the county jail. But it's the hat of CARE-Ready® Life Coach that ties all the others together for me. Being a life coach is not about giving others the answers but helping and allowing them to find it for themselves. It's about listening. I didn't know or have that before.

Ron P. , Assistant Counselor

Join  100 others in 10 U.S. states in empowering others effectively to own their journeys and make a lasting impact, the CARE-Ready® way

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