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Q: I've heard about life coaching. What is it about?

See What Life Coaching Is Not page to learn what life coaching is and what it's not.

Q: What is CARE-Ready Life Coaching?

See Life Coaching for more info.

Q: How long does a CARE Ready Life Coaching journey last?

Normally, the CARE-Ready Life Coaching journey lasts 8 to 10 sessions. However, the exact length will be determined by you and your coach. If more or fewer sessions are needed, your coach will discuss them with you as you meet together.

Q: When do my assignments need to be submitted?

At least 2 full days (48 hours) before your next scheduled session. This gives your coach time to properly prepare for your time together.


If you have already scheduled your next session and find you are unable to complete the assignment 48 hours before, there is no rush. Just notify us and reschedule.


If not received 48 hours before and we haven't heard from you, we will cancel the session from our end, allowing you to reschedule when you're ready.

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