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Q: What is the CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification Program all about?

See Life Coach Certification to find out!

Q: How can I use my certification?

However, you would like! You can use it to enhance your skills where you currently serve, launch your own life coaching business, and anything in-between. The skies are the limit!

Q: There are many life coach certification programs out there. What makes this program different?

Q: When does the program take place?

Virtually! The program takes place every Spring and Fall for 11 consecutive weeks via Zoom. Class sessions are on Thursdays at 7 pm Eastern Time and last 90 minutes.

Q: How much is the program?

$400 + a 2.2% registration processing free

Q: Are payment plans offered?

Yes! Please contact our offices if needed.

Q: When is payment due for the course?

Payment is due upon registration for the program.

Q: When does my CARE-Ready Life Coach Certification need to be renewed?

Every 2 years. Don't worry - we've made the process very easy. Upon your 2 year mark, you will receive an email from us with steps to re-certify. So, just make sure we have your most recent email address on file.

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